Aqua Meds Clear Shine
Aqua Meds Clear Shine
Aqua Meds Clear Shine
Aqua Meds Clear Shine

Aqua Meds Clear Shine

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Clear Shine Koi Pond Clarifier

The NEXT Generation of Pond Clarifiers

NEW Double Strength CLEAR SHINE

Clear Shine Pond Clarifier restores Your Pond Water to a Brilliant Shine!

Clear Shine Pond Clarifier increases the Efficiency of your Pond Filter

Clear Shine Pond Clarifier Benefits include:

  • Clear Shine Pond Clarifier removes suspended tiny suspended cloud particles and organic debris
  • Most ponds will sparkle within 24 hours
  • Clear Shine Pond Clarifier increases the efficiency of your mechanical filter
  • Clear Shine Pond Clarifier saves you money by treating THREE TIMES as much pond water as other brands
  • Clear Shine Pond Clarifier is even more effective when applied two days after treating with Aqua Meds® Pond Support™ or Organic Control™
  • One gallon size of Clear Shine Pond Clarifier has a convenient pump for quick and easy dosing

Thick and Green discharge!

Clear Shine Backwash

Filter Backwash 24 hrs. after using Clear Shine.

Clear Shine Pond Clarifier treats THREE TIMES as much pond water as other brands

One ounce treats 2,000 gallons of pond water

Three Sizes to choose from:

NEW Double Strength Concentrate

16 oz Treats 32,000 gallons
32 oz Treats 64,000 gallons
128 oz Treats 256,000 gallons

The Gallon size has a “one-ounce” pump for easy measuring

Note: Increase aeration when using this product.DO NOT overdose, more is not better. DO NOT use other treatments when using Clear Shine.

  • When should I use Clear Shine?
    For the best results Clear Shine should be used 24 hours after using Organic

    Control to really clear your pond water. Clear Shine can be used anytime you want to improve the clarity of your pond water. Do not over use.
  • Clear Shine Precautions


    • Increase aeration
    • Mix Clear Shine™ with one gallon of pond water BEFORE adding it to your pond
    • If a second treatment is needed, wait 24 hours before applying
    • Do not over-treat, more is not better
    • Do not use other treatments while treating with Clear Shine
    • Pond temperature: must be at least *60 degrees
    • Ponds over 8,000 gallons do not use more than 4 ounces of Clear Shine per treatment

    Note: In testing, because of the efficiency of Clear Shine to remove the smallest debris, we had to clean the filter media more often than before adding Clear Shine. Filter media should be checked every day.

    Keep out of reach of children.Not for fish intended for human consumption.

  • Clear Shine Instructions

    Add One Half Ounce of Clear Shine™ for every 1,000 gallons of pond water. Mix Clear Shine™ with one gallon of pond water BEFORE adding it to your pond.

    Add to TOP of waterfall or in your skimmer. If a second treatment is needed, wait 24 hours before applying. For ponds over 8,000 gallons DO NOT add more than 4 ounces per treatment.

    Do not over-treat, more is not better. Some “scum” will appear on the surface of your pond within one hour or less after treatment. Scum will be removed by your skimmer or will disappear within 24 hours.

    When treating with Clear Shine™, filter media should be checked DAILY to prevent your pond filter from clogging.

    ATTENTION: Increase Aeration. Do not use other treatments while treating with Clear Shine™. DO NOT treat water under 60 degrees F.

    Clear Shine™ is even more effective when applied two days after treating your pond water with Aqua Meds® Pond Support™ and/or Organic Control™.

    Treats THREE TIMES as much pond water as other brands.

    NEW Double Strength Concentrate

    16 oz. treats 32,000 gallons

    32 oz. (1 quart) treats 64,000 gallons

    One Gallon treats 256,000 gallons

    SHAKE WELL. Keep Out of Reach of Children. 
    Not for fish intended for human consumption.

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