Is this the right Aqua Meds® product for my sick fish or pond water problem?

When it comes to treating your sick koi and/or pond water problem the right treatment and time is of the essence!

Using the wrong treatment to help cure your sick koi and/or pond water problem is not only a waste of your money but can be very harmful to your koi and pond.

The faster you treat your sick koi, the better chance you have of saving their lives. The wrong treatment will delay the proper treatment and could stress your already sick koi, making them even weaker.

If you have a question about which Aqua Meds® product is the proper treatment for your sick koi or pond water problem, don’t delay, please contact me: Note: Please place “Product Help” in the subject line.

The more details you give me about your sick koi pond fish or unhealthy koi pond water the better I can help you.

Thank you,