This brings me to a very important subject that I would like to share with you. Every year I receive phone calls in the early spring from pond keepers who have had a warm day or two and started working in their ponds. Like all of us they are experiencing “Spring Fever” and can’t wait to see our fish.

The problem is, these one or two “warm days” won’t last this time of year in most states.The cold weather will return! You never want to disturb or feed your fish on these “warm days”, even if you see your fish swimming. Your fish are very weak and their immune system is not working. Cold weather will return, causing cold pond water.

Working on your pond too early in the season could cause deadly stress on your fish. Giving the deadly bacteria in your pond water the opportunity to attack your fish at a very weaken stage.

“Never start working on your pond until your pond water temperature NOT air temperature reaches 55 degrees F and stays at that temperature for at least TEN days, day and night. Plus, make sure your fish are active and have been eating for at least a week before you do anything with your pond”.

By following this simple rule, you’ll give your pond fish the best chance of coming through their “long winter’s nap” in good condition.


Would you like to do something that would be very beneficial to your fish on these warm spring days?

Do a 10% water change!

Make sure you add the DeChlor before you add the fresh water.

Add the fresh water very slowly so you do not raise or lower your pond water temp

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