Koi pond algae
When you see a nice carpet of green algae growing on the rocks and sides of your koi pond, Don’t Panic!! This is Mother Nature’s way of showing you that your koi pond is healthy. Green Algae is not your enemy, it’s your partner in keeping your koi and koi pond healthy.

The Benefits of Green Algae in your koi pond:

Question: With the type of weather we are having this year, one day 75° F, four days later 32°F, the question is should I feed or not?

Answer: never feed your fish in the spring until your pond water temp is 55°F to 60°F day and night for two weeks. If you have a nice blanket of green algae in your koi pond you don’t have to worry. On the warm days your koi will nibble on the green algae, the perfect food and very easy for them to digest.

Did you know that algae acts like a sponge for the deadly ammonia in your koi pond?

Green Algae is Mother Nature’s “tonic”, loaded full of nutrients and your koi know it’s good for them.

Did you ever notice a koi that will not eat its food but will nibble on green algae?

When your dog is not feeling well, have you ever seen your dog eat grass? Instinct tells your dog the grass will help him/her.

Green Algae is an excellent food your baby koi.

Question: What does a “canary in a cage” have to do with the green algae in your koi pond?

Answer: Years ago, before modern technology many Coal Miners died because of the toxic gases in the coal mines they could not detect until it became fatal. Then someone came up with the idea to take a caged canary into the mines.

The lethal gases would kill the canary before it became deadly to the miners. When the canary fell off its perch, the Coal Miners immediately vacated the mines and ran for their lives.

Over the years thousands of Coal Miners were saved because of the “Canary in the cage”. Today with modern technology, alarms are sounded as soon as any toxic gasses enter the mines.

The algae in your koi pond is your “Canary in a Cage”. When you see your green algae die, your koi and the quality of your pond water are in trouble.

Good green algae helps balance the delicate ecosystem of your koi pond.

Here’s how to clear “Pea Soup” without using chemicals.

Pea Soup! Pond water so green it looks like pea soup. Green pond water grows big, colorful, healthy koi but what good is that if you cannot see them?

The solution to your green pond water, without using chemicals is an Ultra Violet Sterilizer “U.V.”.

The right sized Ultra Violet Sterilizer for your pond is excellent for clearing green pond water however don’t expect it to take the place of a good pond filter.

The Dreaded “String Algae” :-((

Every year some pond keepers are plagued with “String Algae”. The problem is, how can you control it without stressing your koi or harming your pond filter? I would suggest you stay away from treatments that are copper based. Safe treatment: Organic Control
Attention: Increase the aeration in your koi pond. Remove dead algae ASAP. Dead algae can cause rapid oxygen depletion.

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