Here’s how you can help your fish during “Heat Waves”!!

As we all know, in order to have a healthy pond, filled with happy fish, our pond water must contain plenty of oxygen. During the hot summer months plenty of oxygen in your pond water is even more important to the health of your fish and efficiency of your pond filter.

The reason for this is, warm water holds much less oxygen than cold water. However, that’s not the only reason. The metabolism of your fish is at it’s peak in warm water which increases your fish’s need for more oxygen. Plus, the metabolism of all the good and bad bacteria in your pond and filter is also at it’s peak, demanding more oxygen.

The “Good Bacteria” in your filter needs oxygen to survive and multiply.

There’s more: Your fish eat more and breath more in warm water. The more they eat the more waste they produce, the more waste the more ammonia is produced.

Plus, did you know that your fish produce more ammonia in your pond water from breathing than from their waste? These are some reasons why many pond filters fail to keep up with the bio-load of your pond in the summertime.
Our Summer Blend reduces the ammonia which helps your filter control the deadly summer bio-load.

What’s the best way to add oxygen to your pond water? Yes, a waterfalls will help, however, a good proper sized aerator located in the deepest bottom of your pond will produce more than ten times more oxygen than a waterfalls.

A good aerator is worth it’s weight in gold to a pond keeper. Plus, in the winter, the aerator can be raised to six inches from the surface of your pond water and will keep an “ice free” hole on your pond.

Just by increasing the oxygen in your pond water and adding a pond maintenance bacteria such as Aqua Meds Pond Support, will improve the health of your fish, increase the “good bacteria” and improve the efficiency of your pond filter all summer long.

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