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Who Is Aqua Meds®?

Rick Hess

Hello, I’m Rick Hess.
For many years, I imported ornamental fish from Japan, China and all over the world. I was the largest importer of show quality goldfish in the United States, and my fancy goldfish sold for as much as $2,000.00.

I quarantined all my new imports for thirty days before selling them to my customers. While caring for the new imports in quarantine I sure saw my share of very sick and dying fish.

Safe and effective medications which could help me cure my new imported fish from all the deadly parasites and bacterial infections were not available at that time. I’m sure you have experienced the same helpless feeling as I did of watching your beautuful fish die.

Therefore, I began a search for a qualified professional to help me develop effective treatments for bacterial infections, parasites and diseases. After some time, I was very fortunate to locate *Dr. Matthews with whom I collaborated to develop unique medications and natural beneficial pond bacteria treatments which allowed my new imported fish to survive and thrive.

Because of the success and efficacy of these new products, I soon launched **Aqua Meds® in order to share these high quality and effective formulas with pond fish enthusiasts like you. Therefore, Aqua Meds® products are now available to all, and will help save your sick fish from dying while keeping your pond water clear, clean and healthy.

Sometimes you have koi fish that are sick and dying and you just can’t find a solution to help them. You need help quick, before you lose them all!

“I’m here to offer you help although I’m not a Veterinarian, I draw from my many years of experience in caring for the thousands of ornamental pond fish I’ve imported from all over the globe.
Note: the help I give you does not replace the help you will receive from a qualified Veterinarian.

My solutions to helping your sick fish could be as simple as to recommend a water change, or a comprehensive, step by step consult on a serious bacterial infection.

Needless to say, I may suggest an Aqua Meds® formula since with all the hundreds of products on the market it’s very confusing to correctly choose the one to resolve your particular problem. I will know which one of my products can help your sick fish, since Aqua Meds products have been time tested, with excellent results, by myself as well as by tens of thousands of pond keepers across the U.S.

Here is a small sample of e-mails I received from pond keepers I have helped:

Rick, in the ten years I have had my fish pond, you have been the most efficient and trustworthy of everyone I have dealt with. I truly appreciate your expertise and willingness to share.

You go far beyond what is expected. You truly care about the fish and the beauty they bring to our lives. Being an animal communicator, I believe it is people like you who help balance our relationship with our environment and all species. Thank you so much!

Mary Lemons, NC


“Hi Rick, just wanted to say thank you for all of your wonderful support. I added a 6000 gallon koi pond in 2011 and used many products that never seemed to really work and they took a toll on our Koi. At the end of the year I was given your name and you helped set me up with your products.

I had a hard time thinking that another product line that was organic could do the job, but I thought what could I lose. All I can say is WOW! The pond has been doing great, the Koi seem happy and so are we. Of course we’ve had our little glitches with string algae, but who has not with this crazy weather.

Your an amazing person filled with such knowledge. Even when we’ve had a fish under the weather, I call you and your always there to help. Thank you again for your wonderful products and for always willing to help. Shari M.

************************************************************************Hello Rick, Thank you SO MUCH for all of your dedicated advice and all of your great questioning to get to the bottom of my koi problem. My koi and goldfish had ulcers. After researching and taking the advice of others, I tried 5 or 6 different medications and spent hundreds of dollars, only watch several of my wonderful fish suffer and die.

I wish I had known about you and your wonderful products a long time ago. I took your advice and tried your solution. Within a few days, the ulcers were clearing up and within 2 weeks they were completely gone. You spent so much time on the phone asking the questions to get to the bottom of my pond problem so you could recommend the right course of action. You and your products were the only things that worked!

Thank you, Rick!!
Dina, Co


Rick and Aquameds are lifesavers! My pond was a disaster when I contacted Rick, my fish were sick and dying, and I had no idea what to do.

Rick expertly diagnosed the problems and gave me clear, practical advice. He was very encouraging and supportive. I find the Aquameds products to be highly effective and easy to use. My clarity of my pond water was poor, but rapidly improved with Pond Support.

I recommend Aqua Prazi as well, my koi started to show the benefits of this product almost immediately. Medzyme has also helped to keep my koi healthy.

I will certainly follow all the guidelines recommended by AquaMeds in the future for healthy koi and a beautiful pond! AquaMeds has a customer for life!

Dr. Stephanie Saunders


*Dr. Matthews is a Veterinarian with a Doctor’s Degree in animal nutrition and a highly respected specialist and expert in animal and Aquaculture Nutrition. He has spent much of his career on the research and development of cutting edge biotechnology for the Aquaculture industry. As such, I consider myself especially fortunate to have him provide his knowledge and experience to help me bring the newest, most innovative and effective pond fish care and beneficial pond bacteria to you.

**Aqua Meds® specializes in formulating vital koi, pond fish and goldfish health care medications and beneficial pond bacteria water treatments that target specific fish diseases in koi, pond fish, and goldfish. Aqua Meds® also has a network of very experienced and caring dealers across the U.S.