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Customer Feedback

rick ,have been using your summer blend for two months even with the tempertures in the 90s we have only had to clean our filters only once not because they were cloged up, but to drain all the gook in the bottom of our filters. normaly we have to clean out the filters two times a week. We built the pond 12 years ago and this is the first time we are not constantly cleaning the filters. I recomened the summer blend to a friend who was having the same problem with his pond. we are using the pond support with the summer blend together they do a great job. over the last 12 years we have tried most of the other products on the market none come close to your products. thank you BOBBY IN TENN.

Hi Rick, just a note all is well with my pond I have a few fry’s that have survived. Looking forward to what they become in color. I started using summer blend ….Great Product….Has helped me keep my pond crystal clear along with my usual Aqua Meds products I use. I want to say thanks for your suggestions. Judy, TX

I built a new pond and like all new ponds it takes time for your filter to be able to become strong enough to remove the ammonia from your pond water. My battle was with very high ammonia readings. I did water changes everyday and my ammonia readings were still in the “danger zone”. That’s when I started using Summer blend after every water change. Summer blend brought the ammonia within the safe range reducing the stress on my fish and letting my filter cycle. Even now after my filter is working I still use this product along with my treatment of pond support. I’ve never had a healthier pond of fish in five years. thanks for your help. Peter P. Harrisburg, Penna

Rick, Thanks so very much for all of your great advice. I can say for sure that you saved my pond. The aquaMeds products that you suggested began improving the water quality of my pond right away. My fish where much better overnight. The Buff it up, Summer Blend, Pond Support and Sludge remover all work great together. I appreciate all the time you took to explain the products and their benefits. And I learned alot from our conversations. Thanks again, Pam R. White Hall, Md