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Aqua Meds Koi Medic Salinity & pH Meters

Aqua Meds Koi Medic Salinity Meter

Excellent for measuring and monitoring the salt concentration in your pond. Salt helps to detoxify nitrite and the elimination of some parasites.

Very accurate and easy to use, simply turn it on and dip it into the pond. Within two seconds, the LCD displays the salt concentration measured in percentage. Ideal for checking the salt level in fish hospital tanks and koi ponds. Measures accurately from .01% to 1%.

*MSRP $128.00
*Salt Calibration Solution: MSRP $25.00

Here’s how to determine the EXACT amount of water in your pond WITHOUT GUESSING!!


Aqua Meds ECO pH Meter:

The pH of your pond water is one of the factors that determine the health of your fish and the efficiency of your pond filter. Our pH Meter will help you prevent deadly “Overnight pH crashes”.

How can pH kill my fish?

*pH Calibration Solution: MSRP $25.00

*prices may vary