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Customer Feedback

“Since I started using pond support I can see a pin at the bottom of my 4 foot deep pond.”

Tom G. N.C.

Rick, I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail and tell you how happy I am with your Aqua Meds products. I built my pond three years ago and this year is the first year I’ve used your products. Your Medi Koi, Aqua MedZyme and Aqua Prazi cured my fish problems. Your Pond Support cleaned and cleared my pond. My fish have never been healthier and this is the first year that my pond has ever been this clean and maintenance free.

Jason S. Woodstock, IL

We have been using Pond Support and Aqua Medzyme in combo and it works great! Water has never been clearer nor the Koi healthier. Have switched to Arctic Blend this week and expect a much better spring “opening” then previously. Keep up the good work.

Matt & Mary Benson, Oak Park, MI

Rick, Thanks so very much for all of your great advice. I can say for sure that you saved my pond. The aquaMeds products that you suggested began improving the water quality of my pond right away. My fish where much better overnight. The Buff it up, Summer Blend, Pond Support and Sludge remover all work great together. I appreciate all the time you took to explain the products and their benefits. And I learned alot from our conversations. Thanks again, Pam R. White Hall, Md

Hi Rick,
Just a short note to say “Thank You” for all your help and support in getting my pond water clear!!!!.
Your two products “Organic Control” and “Pond Support” have turned my pond crystal clear!

No more cloudy water, no more algae. My Koi are thriving!!! 2,000 gallons of pure joy.

Tom K. NY

I just want to thank you and let you know how successful your advice and aqua meds product fixed my pond problem. For weeks the 6000 gallon pond at the mall would not clear up. The mall patrons could not even see the koi. After speaking to you and following your instruction to use pond support and clear shine by aqua meds the pond water is now crystal clear just 3 days later. I can’t thank you enough and highly reccommend your aqua meds products to all the patrons that visit my mall daily.
Daniel DeCarol

Our fish are looking great! This was our healthiest pond year yet using the pond support, aquamedzyme and summer blend. We also bought an uv bulb unit which made a TREMENDOUS difference on the algae control.

Thank you for all your help,