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Customer Feedback

Thanks for the advice on using the Buff it up. My pond water has always had a very low pH, below 6.7. No matter what products I tried I could never maintain a stable pH until I tried the Buff it up. It keeps my pond water at 7.5. As I told you, my carbon hardness has always been very low. Since I’ve been using Buff-it up the increase in my carbon hardness improved the fuction of my filter, my pond water has never been so clear. Plus, as you said would happen, must fish have much brighter colors. Thank you, Dan Percy, PA

“I purchased your Buff it Up as a last resort and I want to thank you for coming up with this product.
The water coming out of my faucet is town water and it is so acid that I couldn’t get a hold on the pH that I needed. I tried all the buffer products available and they would all drop back to an acid level. The store that I did business with had to order extra large bottles of “PH UP” for me at the rate I was using it. just to give you an idea of how much I had to use to get to a pH of 7.5 and not knowing when it would start crashing. Not any more. Since I have been using your BUFF IT UP my problems are over.
-Joe F, , NY

You don’t know how important the carbon hardness is in you pond until you have a pH crash like I did. I lost all my fish, most I could feed by hand just like a dog that were over 12 inches long. After the crash I tried baking soda, it worked, but the problem was I had to use so much of it everyday and I never felt safe. Saw an Ad for your buff it Up tried it and will never have to worry again. Buff-it up holds my carbon hardness so well from one water change to another my pH never drops below 7.3. Thanks for your help and Buff-it-up. My pond is very clear with no sign of ammonia, just like you said your product did improve my filter.
Charles S. NC

Rick, Thanks so very much for all of your great advice. I can say for sure that you saved my pond. The aquaMeds products that you suggested began improving the water quality of my pond right away. My fish where much better overnight. The Buff it up, Summer Blend, Pond Support and Sludge remover all work great together. I appreciate all the time you took to explain the products and their benefits. And I learned alot from our conversations. Thanks again, Pam R. White Hall, Md