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Customer Feedback

Winter Pond Care

This is just to say thanks for the advice from a few weeks ago, and how great Arctic Blend works for me. As a reminder, I keep 11 fish in a 300 gallon tank in my garage over winter. The largest ones are well over 20”. This year I couldn’t get ammonia under control until I added AB. Two doses and one week later ammonia was reading zero, and hasn’t budged since. To think this is at a water temperature of 40 F—really amazing.
Thanks again,

“Dear Rick: We tested the new Arctic Blend. We live in a cold winter climate zone 4 to 5. When we opened our pond this spring we were so pleased with the clean water quality and even the rocks in the bottom were nice and clean, plus our fish were very healthy. We plan on using this product every winter from now on. It has really provided a head start to our Spring season maintenance. Thank you very much.”

-Debbie and Denny Roberts, MI

“Arctic Blend has truly been a remarkable product. Our main pond’s water is pristine and the clarity is unbelievable. All water tests have been perfect. At 8′ deep, you could drop a quarter in and almost see if it’s heads or tails on the bottom!! The fish look great and the rocks on the margin look as though someone had scrubbed them! The overall health of the pond and fish are superior to previous winters. I would recommend this product to all of my customers.”

Brad Berdych
Legacy Koi

“Over the last few years I would always lose one or two koi as I over-wintered them. The water was dirty looking and Spring clean up was a chore to say the least. After using Arctic Blend for the first time, I have lost no fish and they look very healthy. The water is crystal clear and I will use this product every winter from now on. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a pond in cold climate and wants the best for their koi during that period”.

Dave H.
Rochester, NY

thanks for your help with my pond problems. my pond is open after a winter in NJ which has resulted in many people losing some prime koi. All my Koi are alive and well the pond is crystal clear.I have some 19 Koi in a 2500 gallon pond so clearly i have little margin for error. I am sure that ARCTIC BLEND which you sent me last fall was the major factor in keeping my fish alive and well. count on another bottle for this fall.
for the first time in three years i didnt have problems with my koi after the winter “stress”.
thanks again

Harvey Hammer N.J.

As far as the Arctic Blend for me last Winter.
I noticed the pond water stayed crystal clear and ammonia free through out the Winter season. There seemed to be a stabilizing effect to the water.
I have been doing some Spring clean up and noticed there is a big reduction in sludge and bottom solids.
It has defiantly made the Spring clean up easier.
I recommend not only Arctic Blend but all of Aqua Meds products as they are the best price.
I especially like the dry versions of of the products, a real savings!

Thanks again!
Will Thomas UT

Hi Rick,
I would like to give you some feedback regarding the Arcitc Blend. I must say that this product is absolutely wonderful. When I e mailed you last week and was telling you our water was like pea soup once we started the waterfall pump, in 3 days our water is crystal clear and this is without the uv light running yet. This product is wonderful!! We will definitely be using this product again.

This is the first year I’ve used Artic Blend and after coming off one of the worst winters we’ve had in the North East in many years, I was very concerned about the health of my koi. Well the winter is over and the water quality and clarity is better than in past years and the koi look better than previous seasons.

Jim S. Staten Island NY

Just wanted to let you know how wonderful I think Arctic Blend is. For approximately three years I’ve been using Aqua MedZyme and have been very happy. Haven’t needed to use medication on my fish since. Last fall the dealer I buy aqua MedZyme from suggested I try Arctic Blend. I’m glad I did. This winter was disastrous for my fish (koi and gold fish approx. 400). The roof of the heated greenhouse they were in collapsed during a snow storm (over two feet of snow fell). Their water temperature fell from 63 degrees to 41 in six hours then to 29 in the next twenty four hours. With such a drastic temperature change I wondered if any of the fish would make it thru the winter.

I had already started using Arctic Blend a few weeks earlier because I was gradually closing them off from the heated section and letting the temperature drop slowly.

As if this wasn’t bad enough three weeks later a freak accident occurred and had to move from a six thousand gallon pool to a one thousand gallon container. I was able to get a better look at them at this point and was very surprised at how good they looked and behaved. During all of this I kept using Arctic Blend and Aqua MedZyme. I am happy to report that not only did they make it but are thriving and without the use of medication. I truly believe using Arctic Blend made the difference in their survival.

And another this is this was the first spring my fish were fed once the water temperature stayed above 50 degrees, they were all very eager to be fed. They usually show little interest until over 60 degrees.

Maria W.
New York

Hi Rick
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I’ve been with your products. This is the second year that I’ve used ARTIC BLEND and I’m amazed at the water quality and how it’s removed any bottom sludge. I’m looking forward to opening my clean ponds this spring, just like last year. If that benefit isn’t enough, having you always available to answer any pond related questions, really makes this product line the one for me!

Jim S, Staten Island NY

Hey Rick just wanted to say thanks!
I’ve been using your products for the last year and what fantastic results. I started last year with using your Medi koi and Ulcer rx on one of my koi with a large ulcer, he was healing within the month. All summer long I used your Aqua Medzyme Dry for the beneficial bact. it helped immensely. During the fall and winter I’ve been using the Arctic blend and a very noticeable clarity in the water, along with the bottom looks remarkably clean from sediments for this time of year. I live in Wisconsin and spring isn’t quite here yet although we’ve had several glimpses of warmth! The fish look very healthy after their long winters nap. Thanks for introducing me to your products, I referred several friends to your products!

Thanks! John H. WI

Hi Rick,
Just a short note to let you know how well Artic Blend performed over this past winter here in Amherst, NY.
Myself and a number of others in our pond group used Artic Blend and were very pleased at how well the fish and pond looked after the ice melted. We can actually see the small stones at the bottom of our ponds as the water is almost crystal clear. My pond is actually quite presentable without its spring cleaning.

Looking forward to other GREAT products,
Walt M.

Hi Rick,
This was my second winter using your artic blend product. My fish (25 koi) wintered over the best they have in 11 years. I live in upper Michigan and the winter can be pretty brutal. My large butterfly
koi used to have blood streaks through out their body and fins every spring from stress. The last two winters they haven’t had a mark on them. I also use your medzyme all summer and between the
two products my fish have never been healthier! Thanks for your help with all my questions.

Happy ponding,
Roxie, MI

Hi Rick,
You have great products. I switched from another major brand of products over the spring and summer to Aqua Meds and have been thrilled with the results.

James O. NY

I wanted to let you know how completely stunned and pleased I am with your Arctic Blend. I used it according to directions this winter,not really expecting it to make much of a difference.I can’t believe how wrong I was. All winter long I did water quality checks just before I added you product. Every time the checks came out perfect (except for water hardness which is out of your control). When I uncovered the pond a few days ago, all the fish were alive and well,(and telling me they were starving)and again the water quality tested right at the top. Unbelievable What makes this even more exciting is that most of the fish were rescues that I got from an over crowded filthy pond from a foreclosed on home. I have too many fish for my pond and still the ammonia levels tested as perfect.
Holly Blair, MA

hi rick. fyi my pond has never looked so good! my fish woke up fat and beautiful. the water is clear and algae seems to be under control and i have not even used my clear shine yet! i was diligent this winter with the arctic blend and started right up with the aquamedzyme. it is amazing honestly. i can’t thank you enough for your help. will keep you posted!!! jill in oregon