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How do I figure the number of gallons in my pond?

How many gallons of water does my pond hold?
Are you sure? Or, are you just guessing?

Every pond keeper should know the answer to this very important question.

In order to help you with your koi/pond fish problems you must know the answer to, “how many gallons of water are in my pond?”

Guessing the amount of gallons in your pond can cause death by over dosing or not giving enough pond treatment to cure the koi health problem which also can cause death.

Tired of doing all the pond water calculations and still not knowing for sure the exact number of gallons in your pond?

Stop Guessing!!
I would like to share a formula with you, using “salt” to determine
the EXACT number of gallons in your pond.*

Here’s how:

Test the salt level of your pond water before you add more salt.
VERY IMPORTANT! You must know the exact weight of the salt you are adding. Then measure the salt level after you added the new salt and use the formula.
One pound of salt added to 100 gallons of water will give you .12%

Here’s the Formula

Volume (gallons) = Pounds of salt added, divided by the change in salt content (in parts per thousand, which is % times 10) X 120 = the number of gallons in your pond.
Don’t stop! Yes, you can do this formula, I’ll show you how easy it is.

If you added 10 pounds of salt and the salinity reading went from .06% to .2% the change in the salinity reading is .14% or 1.4 (.14% x 10 =1.4) 10 divided by 1.4 = 7.1428 X 120 = 857 gallons.

Using the formula:
Pounds of salt added: 10 pounds divided by the change in the salt content, .2% (salt reading AFTER adding new salt) minus .06% (BEFORE adding new salt) = .14% X 10 (change to parts per thousands) = 1.4. (Change in salt content)

10 pounds, the amount of salt added, divided by the change in salt content 1.4 = 7.1428 X 120 = 857 gallons

Note: In order for the gallons of water in your pond to be consistent, the level of your pond water must be the same at the time you used this formula.

Make a mark on the side of your pond so you will know the exact level at the time you calculated the gallons.

This formula can be used with a “drop type” salt test kit, however, a salt test kit will give you an approximate salt level.

However, our digital “Salinity Meter” will give the exact amount of gallons in your pond to within .01%, now that’s accurate!

Have a fish or pond problem, I’m here to help,

Note from Mark: using this formula could make a big difference in how much medications and water treatments you are now using.

Are you using too much medications and over medicating your koi? Or aren’t you using enough medications to really cure your koi?

*I would like to thank “Joe” for sharing this formula with us.