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Pond Keeper’s Comments on Medi Koi

“You sure are right about koi fish loving your Med-Koi. I had a pond full of sick koi and pond fish with ulcers, the worst would not come to the top to eat no matter what floating food I would feed them. My neighbor told me about Medi Koi, I bought some from my local nursery. I watched a sick koi fish, that was lying on it’s side on the bottom of my pond, work it’s way over to the Medi Koi and eat it. By the end of the week all the koi and pond fish were swimming and the ulcers started to heal. I thought you would be interested with the success I had with your great food”

-Dave Kauffman, Wa.

“This medicated food for Koi & Goldfish is the BEST I have ever come across. It has healed two of my 12 inch koi of ulcers… the fish just love it and it sinks to the bottom where the ill pondfish are. I will always turn to Medi Koi for my sick pond fish… I appreciate all you have done in making and processing this food to make it available to the public.”

-Debra D. Montana

“I do want to let you know in 48 hours I saw the sore on my white goldfish start to go away. Boy do you have me impressed. We did every pond at the shop and the 2 at my house. The fish love the Medi koi food.”


I have had a Koi pond for about eighteen years,we had a bout with smoke and other issues, I went to do the normal maintenance when I saw the Koi on their sides gasping for air and ulcers on their bodies. I tried medications from pet stores and medicated food nothing worked, they got worse.I looked in KOI USA magazine and saw an add for Aqua Meds and called the number. I talked to Rick who guided me on what to do. I started with Aqua Prazi as directed then used Aqua MedZyme and fed only Medi-Koi food,now its been about six weeks and the Koi are all swimming and the ulces are all but healed, this product is a miracle, thank you AquaMeds, my fish are wonderful once again.”

-Bev Williams Virgina Beach,VA

“Hello Rick, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your help and advice in treating my fish pond. With 35,000 gallons of water that was going bad (cloudy and sludge building up) I was beside myself in finding a product (affordable) that would treat my sludge and algae problem. I also had the fish with the red lesions on their scales. Well, after talking to you and your recommendation to treat the fish with MediKoi and to apply Sludge Remover to the water I am happy to report that my fish are healing nicely and my water is crystal clear. I can see the sludge reducing on the rocks after each application. I will be using this product until the cold weather comes here in Northern Arizona. Then I will start again in the spring to maintain my pond.

Without your help I don’t think I could have gotten my pond back to this beautiful state. Also, the algae that was out of control has been reduced considerably because the Sludge Remover is killing off the nutrients that the algae was thriving on.

Thank you so very much for your thoughtful follow-up phone calls inquiring about the status of my fish and water, it has been a pleasure to do business with your company and I would highly recommend you and your products to any fellow ponders that need assistance.”

-Pam, AZ

Hi Rick,

The name of my dealer is “Sunrise Aquatics” in Fairport, N.Y. They have a web site.

I have four very large Koi (one who is over 2 feet long). My large one developed his first adverse piece of health this spring with an ulcer towards his tail. My dealer recommended your product and after 10 days use, his ulcer vanished. All four of my fish ate it ravinously.

I agree with you 100% about Koi not liking other medicated food. I’ve bought these products twice just to start out the spring season feeding it to all my fish. After spending mucho bucks, the little fellows wouldn’t touch it. (The birds liked it and that’s where it went). So when I went out to Sunrise, I told them that my koi had an ulcer but won’t eat the products they sell. He said I was in luck because he just got a shipment in that afternoon of the Medi-Koi. He said it’s supposed to be the best there is. (Bet he might take the other brands of his shelf). And of course, he was right.

Gosh I love my koi. People don’t understand how I can love fish. Thanks for making a product that will see to their health for the coming years.

Cindy D, Fairport, NY. P.S. Sent a picture of the big guy eating his watermelon. He wanted to say thanks.

Rick, I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail and tell you how happy I am with your Aqua Meds products. I built my pond three years ago and this year is the first year I’ve used your products. Your Medi Koi, Aqua MedZyme and Aqua Prazi cured my fish problems. Your Pond Support cleaned and cleared my pond. My fish have never been healthier and this is the first year that my pond has ever been this clean and maintenance free.

Jason S. Woodstock, IL

Hello Rick,
Thank you SO MUCH for all of your dedicated advice and all of your great questioning to get to the bottom of my koi problem. My koi and goldfish had ulcers. After researching and taking the advice of others, I tried 5 or 6 different medications and spent hundreds of dollars, only watch several of my wonderful fish suffer and die. I wish I had known about you and your wonderful products a long time ago. I took your advice and tried your solution. Within a few days, the ulcers were clearing up and within 2 weeks they were completely gone. You spent so much time on the phone asking the questions to get to the bottom of my pond problem so you could recommend the right course of action. You and your products were the only things that worked!

Thank you, Rick!!
Dina, Co

Hey Rick just wanted to say thanks!
I’ve been using your products for the last year and what fantastic results. I started last year with using your Medi koi and Ulcer rx on one of my koi with a large ulcer, he was healing within the month. All summer long I used your Aqua Medzyme Dry for the beneficial bact. it helped immensely. During the fall and winter I’ve been using the Arctic blend and a very noticeable clarity in the water, along with the bottom looks remarkably clean from sediments for this time of year. I live in Wisconsin and spring isn’t quite here yet although we’ve had several glimpses of warmth! The fish look very healthy after their long winters nap. Thanks for introducing me to your products, I referred several friends to your products! Thanks! John H. WI