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Medi-Koi Instructions


Medi-Koi® is a sinking pellet which places the medicated koi fish food where sick koi pond fish typically reside, on the bottom of your koi fish pond. Please deposit the medicated koi food away from the pond filter intakes or it will be lost.

Medi-Koi® is an excellent koi care treatment for tough koi pond fish bacterial and fungal infections.

Feed all the Med-Koi® your sick koi pond fish will eat twice a day, no other food for 10 to 14 days.

Some koi pond fish have become so accustom to feeding from the surface of your koi pond it could take your koi pond fish a few feedings to get them accustom to feeding off the bottom of you koi pond.

Koi pond fish are natural bottom feeders, once they know they will receive their meals on the bottom of your koi pond, be ready for a “feeding frenzy”!! The first time you feed Medi-Koi® medicated koi food, if your koi pond fish do not come to you to eat the food, stop feeding. It could take a day or two for your koi pond fish to break their habit on feeding from the surface of your koi pond water.