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Medi-Koi FAQ

Medi-Koi medicated koi fish food

Q: Why does Medi-Koi sink?

A: Medi-Koi sinks because:

  1. Many sick koi and pond fish will not come to the top of the koi pond to eat, however, sick koi and many pond fish are natural bottom feeders and will eat if high quality medicated koi fish food is in front of them on the bottom of the koi pond. Your sick koi and pond fish can not resist the krill and shrimp in our medicated fish food, Medi-Koi!
  2. Aqua Meds® sinking Medi-Koi DOES NOT need the steam and very high temperatures “Floating Foods” need, which greatly diminishes the levels of nutrients, vitamins, probiotics and medications needed for your sick koi or pond fish to recover.
  3. Most “extruders” that make “Floating Food” are huge and need a large amount of product to produce a “Floating Pellet”, (many tons of feed). With our unique milling process we can run one ton or less, as we need it, without keeping it in storage for months before we sell it, making our Medi-Koi very fresh and very effective!

Q: What makes Medi-Koi any different from all the other medicated koi fish food on the market?

A: Medi-Koi is different than any other medicated koi food because:

  1. The most important difference is, your sick koi and pond fish will eat Medi-Koi. Koi and pond fish will refuse to eat many of the other medicated koi fish foods on the market. Aqua Meds tested dozens of medicated koi fish food formulas in order to find one that sick koi and pond fish could not resist.
  2. Because of our unique milling process, we are able to mix all high levels of nutrients, vitamins, probiotics and medication right into the Medi-Koi feed. Many of the cheaper medicated koi foods on the market were developed for food fish like trout and catfish. The medication is added as a “Top Dress” which means, catfish food is placed in a big mixer, then oil and medication are added, hoping some of it will stick to the feed, some of it does, the problem is as soon as it hits your pond water most of the oil and medication end up in your pond water and not in your koi or pond fish!
  3. With Aqua Meds Medi-Koi your koi and pond fish only need to eat 1% of their body weight everyday to consume enough medication to help them regain their health, compared to 3% or more of the cheaper so called medicated koi foods.
  4. Aqua Meds Medi-Koi is milled in an U.S. inspected mill and is custom formulated for koi and pond fish, it is not re-bagged, re-named or re-labeled cheap trout and catfish foods.

Q: Can I feed Medi-Koi when I’m treating my koi pond with other Aqua Meds products?

A: You sure can. You can feed Medi-Koi with all Aqua Meds water conditioners and medications.

Q: Can I feed Medi-Koi longer than 14 days?

A: No, feeding Medi-Koi longer than 14 days could cause an immunity to the medications in the Medi koi.

Q: Will Medi-Koi set back my filter?

A: No, That’s the nice part about treating with Medi-Koi. The medications are milled into the food and are NOT top dressed with medications which are lost in your water that could cause a filter set back, like many of the medicated koi foods on the market.