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Pond Keeper’s Comments

Aqua Medzyme beneficial pond bacteria: Pond Keeper’s Comments

“Your Aqua Medzyme is the best. I treated my pond in the spring as soon as the water was 40 degrees. That’s how my neighbor got me to use Medzyme because I could treat my pond when the water was much colder than a product I was using. Anyway, it’s late Oct now and my fish are ready to go to sleep for winter. This is the best pond season I ever had as far as the health of my fish are concerned. I credit their health to your Aqua Medzyme and your advice. Thanks, Rick”

-Calvin Thomas, CT

“I have had a Koi pond for about eighteen years,we had a bout with smoke and other issues, I went to do the normal maintenance when I saw the Koi on their sides gasping for air and ulcers on their bodies. I tried medications from pet stores and medicated food nothing worked, they got worse.I looked in KOI USA magazine and saw an add for Aqua Meds and called the number. I talked to Rick who guided me on what to do. I started with Aqua Prazi as directed then used Aqua MedZyme and fed onlyMedi-Koi food,now its been about six weeks and the Koi are all swimming and the ulces are all but healed, this product is a miracle, thank you AquaMeds, my fish are wonderful once again.”

-Bev Williams Virgina Beach,VA

“Rick, it was great to talk to you today when I ordered your outstanding product, Aquamedzyme. I live in Elizabeth, Colorado and we are at 6700 feet above sea level and my 7500 gallon Koi pond and 3800 gallon Koi pond will not be at 55 degrees or above until well into May so I was thrilled to find your product that would work in cold water as low as 40 degrees. I used your product, Aquamedzyme this last Spring and it really made a difference in the health of my Koi.They weathered the cold spring season without any disease or stress and I know your product was a big part of this as any Koi I have lost in the past nearly 10 years of Koi keeping has been in this time period before their immune systems are working. I only recommend products that I personally have tried and have been successful with and I would not hesitate to recommend this product to another Koi hobbiest. I am a member of the Rocky Mountain Koi Club and will share this information with the other club members when we start regular meetings again. Thanks again for a great product.”

-Sherri Kunetka

I was having ongoing problems with some of my fish, year after year even though I used allot of effort concerning water quality which was very good at most all times. The fish would flash and I would see the infections, each spring on & on it went, it was very frustrating to have one, two or three fish in and out of the hospital tank at any given time. Elevated temp & salt, medicated food, medicated water treatments, injections and still the infections would return even causing the loss of Belle, our largest Kohako. Mary was ready to give up KOI keeping and I was very disheartened myself. I know others have been there as well!

Last spring I became convinced that the fish were suffering from flukes ( skin/gill/both/? ) which were causing the secondary infections, so acting on that assumption I tried the Aqua Prazi & the Aqua MedZyme. For the first time since I have been keeping KOI (7 years ), I witnessed no flashing, breaching, or any other sort of abnormal behavior as had always occurred during seasons past. I had no bacterial infections, no fish loss and the KOI in my pond never had better skin quality, appetites and growth.

Steve R., Dallas, TX

Rick, I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail and tell you how happy I am with your Aqua Meds products. I built my pond three years ago and this year is the first year I’ve used your products. Your Medi Koi, Aqua MedZyme and Aqua Prazi cured my fish problems. Your Pond Support cleaned and cleared my pond. My fish have never been healthier and this is the first year that my pond has ever been this clean and maintenance free.

Jason S. Woodstock, IL

Just wanted to let you know how wonderful I think Arctic Blend is. For approximately three years I’ve been using Aqua MedZyme and have been very happy. Haven’t needed to use medication on my fish since. Last fall the dealer I buy aqua MedZyme from suggested I try Arctic Blend. I’m glad I did. This winter was disastrous for my fish (koi and gold fish approx. 400). The roof of the heated greenhouse they were in collapsed during a snow storm (over two feet of snow fell). Their water temperature fell from 63 degrees to 41 in six hours then to 29 in the next twenty four hours. With such a drastic temperature change I wondered if any of the fish would make it thru the winter.

I had already started using Arctic Blend a few weeks earlier because I was gradually closing them off from the heated section and letting the temperature drop slowly.

As if this wasn’t bad enough three weeks later a freak accident occurred and had to move from a six thousand gallon pool to a one thousand gallon container. I was able to get a better look at them at this point and was very surprised at how good they looked and behaved. During all of this I kept using Arctic Blend and Aqua MedZyme. I am happy to report that not only did they make it but are thriving and without the use of medication. I truly believe using Arctic Blend made the difference in their survival.

And another this is this was the first spring my fish were fed once the water temperature stayed above 50 degrees, they were all very eager to be fed. They usually show little interest until over 60 degrees.


Maria W.
New York

Hello Rick,
Thank you SO MUCH for all of your dedicated advice and all of your great questioning to get to the bottom of my koi problem. My koi and goldfish had ulcers. After researching and taking the advice of others, I tried 5 or 6 different medications and spent hundreds of dollars, only watch several of my wonderful fish suffer and die. I wish I had known about you and your wonderful products a long time ago. I took your advice and tried your solution. Within a few days, the ulcers were clearing up and within 2 weeks they were completely gone. You spent so much time on the phone asking the questions to get to the bottom of my pond problem so you could recommend the right course of action. You and your products were the only things that worked!

Thank you, Rick!!
Dina, Co

We have been using Pond Support and Aqua Medzyme in combo and it works great! Water has never been clearer nor the Koi healthier. Have switched to Arctic Blend this week and expect a much better spring “opening” then previously. Keep up the good work.

Matt & Mary Benson, Oak Park, MI

Hi Rick,
This was my second winter using your artic blend product. My fish (25 koi) wintered over the best they have in 11 years. I live in upper Michigan and the winter can be pretty brutal. My large butterfly
koi used to have blood streaks through out their body and fins every spring from stress. The last two winters they haven’t had a mark on them. I also use your medzyme all summer and between the
two products my fish have never been healthier! Thanks for your help with all my questions.

Happy ponding,
Roxie, MI

Hey Rick just wanted to say thanks!
I’ve been using your products for the last year and what fantastic results. I started last year with using your Medi koi and Ulcer rx on one of my koi with a large ulcer, he was healing within the month. All summer long I used your Aqua Medzyme Dry for the beneficial bact. it helped immensely. During the fall and winter I’ve been using the Arctic blend and a very noticeable clarity in the water, along with the bottom looks remarkably clean from sediments for this time of year. I live in Wisconsin and spring isn’t quite here yet although we’ve had several glimpses of warmth! The fish look very healthy after their long winters nap. Thanks for introducing me to your products, I referred several friends to your products! Thanks! John H. NJ

“Our Customers that order Aqua Meds products are very satisfied with the quality and performance of the products.”
-Tom, Champion Nishikigoi

“We receive many repeat orders for Aqua Meds products and have never had a complaint about their performance.”
-Lam Le, Fancy Koi Outlet

“In over 28 years of business, I’ve never seen a line of products like Aqua Meds sell so well. By the way, they work!”
-Kevin Webb, Webbs Water Gardens

“Rick, Started using Aqua Medzyme at the store and have seen improvement in the health and activity of our Koi. Great product.”
-Chuck Crisp Splendor Koi and Pond. Atlanta Ga.

“I import and quarantine thousands of koi during the year and I use Aqua Meds products on all of my koi. Plus, I’ve had 100% satisfaction from my customers using Aqua Meds products.”

-Mark Bodycott, USA KOI

Hi Rick,
You have great products. I switched from another major brand of products over the spring and summer to Aqua Meds and have been thrilled with the results.

James O. NY

hi rick. fyi my pond has never looked so good! my fish woke up fat and beautiful. the water is clear and algae seems to be under control and i have not even used my clear shine yet! i was diligent this winter with the arctic blend and started right up with the aquamedzyme. it is amazing honestly. i can’t thank you enough for your help. will keep you posted!!! jill in oregon