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Koi Treatment

Have Sick Koi or a Pond Water Problem & need Free Help?

Aqua MedZyme Dry Concentrate

Aqua MedZyme Dry Concentrate – controls harmful pond water bacteria

Aqua MedZyme Liquid

Aqua MedZyme Liquid – Treats salt resistant parasites

Aqua Prazi

Aqua Prazi – Koi Fluke Treatment


Medi-Koi® – Treats koi ulcers & koi fungal diseases

Health Care Kit

Health Care Kit – Treats Koi parasites and deadly bacterial infections


TERMINATE - treatment for koi pond fish parasites and fungal diseases

Ulcer Aid Rx

Ulcer Aid Rx- Treats ulcers, mouth rot, fin rot and gill Bacterial Infections FAST!

Armor Rx

Armor Rx- Heals and restores damaged scales