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What Is Koi Flashing?

Pay attention to your koi flashing, it is a sign of koi parasites or a pond water problem!

Koi flashing is when you see your koi swim very fast and twist and rub off the bottom of your pond or the sides of your koi pond. They will even rub against the rocks in your pond.

Many pond keepers think their koi are playing, however, they are trying to remove parasites from their body. The parasites itch your koi and they are trying to remove them by rubbing.

Flukes on a fish are just like fleas on a dog, they itch them!

Koi flashing can cause damage to the protective slime coat of your koi. The “slime coat” protects your koi from the deadly bacteria in your koi pond water. When the “slime coat” is damaged the bad bacteria in your pond water enters your koi’s body causing serious bacterial infections such as, koi ulcers “body sores”.

When you see the scales of your koi falling off, it’s a good sign of “flashing”. The koi flashing “rubbing” causes the scale loss.

Koi FlashingTreatment: If you can see the parasites, they are “Fish Lice” or “Anchor Worm.” And can be treated with “Express IDI”. If you cannot see the parasites it could be one of the many microscopic parasites.

The first treatment I would use is Aqua Prazi for flukes. The reason is, flukes are the number one parasite for causing “flashing”. Plus, Aqua Prazi is the safest a very gentle treatment compared to the other treatments it takes to control the other microscopic parasites.

Most of the time if you eliminate the flukes the koi flashing will stop.

If your koi continue to flash it could be caused by the other microscopic parasites such as costia, ich, chilodonella, trichodina and others the best treatment would be TERMINATE. Excellent for treating salt resistant parasites.

Another Cause of Koi Flashing

Check your pond water quality!

A change in your pond water can be the cause of koi flashing. Check your pH and, ammonia. Chlorine in your pond water can be another cause of flashing.

Note: Don’t be alarmed if you see a koi flash once or twice a day this can be normal. What you are looking for is, many koi flashing or jumping many times a day.

Just by treating your koi for parasites and/or testing your pond water will stop the flashing.