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Koi and pond fish fluke treatment

How do I treat my koi fish for gill flukes or body flukes?

  • Not too many years ago the treatment for gill flukes and body flukes did almost as much harm to our koi fish as the flukes! Those days are gone forever, thanks to Praziquantel (Prazi) aka Aqua Prazi!!
  • Aqua Prazi would be the best choice for treating your koi pond for gill flukes and body flukes. Aqua Prazi will not harm the “good bacteria” in your filter or stress your pond fish in any way. Plus, it will not kill your plants and is safe for your pets.

Note: The myth that salt will kill flukes is just that, a myth.

Don’t wait for signs of flukes to appear on your koi fish. Treat all new koi, pond fish for gill flukes and body flukes no matter where you bought them.

In fact, you should treat all your Koi fish for gill flukes and body flukes every spring and then again in the fall just before your koi fish get ready for their long winter’s nap.

Keeping your koi free from deadly gill flukes and body flukes will bring you a long way in keeping your koi fish happy and healthy!

Good Koi Care Means “Fluke Free” Koi and pond fish!!!