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Sick Koi with ulcers and body sores

Koi UlcerKoi Ulcer

Koi Ulcers the Causes and the Cures!

Koi ulcers are open body sores on your sick koi and pond fish. Koi ulcers are a secondary bacterial infection. The primary cause of koi ulcers is parasites. Parasites itch you koi casing them to rub against the rocks and sides of your pond. This act is called flashing and it damages the protective slime coat of your koi.

Koi Ulcers can also be caused by poor pond water conditions, rough handling of your koi and pond fish or your koi hitting themselves against sharp rocks or objects in your fish pond. Anything that damages the “slime coat” of your koi fish and pond fish can cause ulcers.

The “slime coat” of a Koi acts like a suit of Armor. The “slime coat” protects your Koi and pond fish from millions of harmful bacteria in your koi pond water like the deadly bacteria “Aeromonas, Pseudomas” from invading your koifish’s body which can cause serious bacterial infections like koi ulcers.

Koi ulcers can appear on your koi fish and pond fish anytime during the year, however, they are found frequently in the spring, when the parasites take advantage of the koifish’s weak immune system, which is at it lowest point at this time of the year.

Plus, you have the problem of poor quality koi pond water because of lack of pond filtering, proper care and pond water changes over the winter months.