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Koi Health

  • Pond Water Quality

    If your fish ever get sick or start acting funny, you should know that SEVENTY PERCENT of fish health problems, INCLUDING vulnerability to disease-causing organisms – are related to WATER QUALITY.

  • Koi Fin & Tail Rot

    Fin & Tail Rot are a bacterial infection caused by predator type, life threatening bacteria such as
    Aeromonas, Pseudomonas or Flexibacter that are present in great numbers in every pond fish and koi pond.

  • Pond Water Changes

    Water changes are simply the removal of some old pond water, and the replacement of that old pond water water with new water. It sounds so simple but there are problems, nationwide.

  • Care of Koi Fish Slime Coat

    A good healthy “slime coat” is vital to the health of your Koi Fish!

  • Koi care The Five Most Common Causes of Sick Koi

    How to correct these five common causes of sick koi before it’s too late!!

  • Koi pond algae. Don’t Kill Mother Nature’s Gift!

    When you see a nice carpet of green algae growing on the rocks and sides of your koi pond, Don’t Panic!!

  • What is “Aeromonas Alley”?

    Every year fish in “cold climate” ponds struggle through extreme stress
    and, in some cases, die due to “Aeromonas Alley”.

  • Koi Ulcers, Body Sores

    The causes and treatment of body sores, deadly koi ulcers and bacterial infections on your koi.

  • Koi pond water ph crash

    A fall of the pond water pH in your koi pond can stress your koi and pond fish and if it drops low enough can even kill them, which is called a “ph crash”.

  • Koi Care how to Quarantine Koi

    Many beautiful collections of koi are lost every year
    because pond keepers do not quarantine their new koi and pond fish.

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