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Some of products are restricted by U.S. federal and state statutes for use only for ornamental fish that are not intended for human consumption. Aqua wants to ensure that the aquatic remedies and medicated food for ornamental fish that Aqua Meds provides to you will only be sold for their intended use on ornamental fish and will not be diverted to fish intended for human consumption, plus, many medications are prohibited for sale in other countries. The U.S. statutes require that U.S. providers of such products comply with these restrictions. Therefore, before purchasing from Aqua, dealers must agree to comply with these restrictions as well. ALL customers are required to fill out a STATEMENT OF NON-DIVERSION OF AQUATIC REMEDIES & MEDICATED FOOD INTENDED FOR ORNAMENTAL FISH, sign and fax it to before an order will be accepted.

If you are interested in becoming an "Aqua Meds" Dealer, and you do not have a username and password, click the link above. We will review and verify the information. When approved, we will send a confirmation email when we have activated your account. A copy of your state sales tax license may be requested.