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Pond AERATION is priceless to health of your fish and your pond!!

Pond Aeration

Yes, your waterfalls add oxygen to your pond water, however, a proper sized aerator creates even more.

The importance of life supporting oxygen in your pond water
All your fish and the good and bad bacteria in your pond consume oxygen 24 hours a day. Any plants and algae in your pond produce oxygen during the day however, plants consume oxygen at night.

A fish’s gills are basically the same as our lungs are to us, they absorb oxygen. The gills give your fish the ability to absorb very low levels of oxygen from your pond water. Your pond water must contain plenty of fresh oxygen for your fish to thrive.

Pond Aeration is vital to strong, healthy, fast growing pond fish and high quality pond water.

Here are just some of the benefits of adding Aeration to your pond

• Increases the oxygen your fish and pond water need to stay healthy

• Removes toxic gases that build up in the bottom of your pond

• Helps reduce pond algae, “algae hates oxygen”

• Enables your “good bacteria” in your pond filter to multiply and thrive

• Increases “low oxygen levels” in your pond that retard growth, increase sickness and can even cause death

• Will greatly improve the performance of any “beneficial bacteria” you add to your pond water

• Stops overnight “fish kills” caused by the oxygen demand of plants and algae at night. Plants and algae produce oxygen during the day and use it up at night, called “Photosynthesis”.

• Will keep a hole open in the ice of your winter pond, plus, will remove “toxic gas build up” in your pond water all winter, reducing fish deaths in the spring.

• Increases low levels of oxygen in your koi pond during the hot summer months which cause many fish deaths each year, because warmer water contains less oxygen plus the metabolism of your fish and bacteria in your pond are at their peak demanding much more oxygen.

Here’s a sign your pond might have low oxygen:

Immediately before daylight check your koi fish to see if they are gulping for air at the surface of the water. You might scare them and they will dive deeper, only to quickly return to the surface.

If you have plants or algae in your pond, your koi fish will return to deeper water as the oxygen builds up during the day through photosynthesis.

If you’re looking to improve the health of your koi pond fish and the quality of your pond water, a pond aerator should be at the top of your list.

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