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Protect the health of your fish from an outside “Maintenance Service”

When you just don’t have the time or health to maintain your koi pond, you need outside help.

There are many very reliable pond maintenance services available to help with your pond maintenance.

Note: I highly recommend using a service company that your friends or neighbors use who are very happy with their service.

Many Service companies are very good at disinfecting their pond cleaning equipment between each pond customer. However, you as a pond keeper can never be 100% sure.

What was the health condition of the pond and fish your Maintenance Service, serviced before they serviced your pond? Were the fish sick with bacterial infections, did they have parasites? You cannot answer these  questions.

Here’s a simple way to protect your fish from bacterial infections and parasites brought in on the equipment of your Maintenance Service. Buy your own pond cleaning equipment. Have the service use only your equipment right down to the pails and hoses.