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City Water Department cases big problems for pond keepers!

City water department
causes big problems for pond keepers!

I received a phone call from an Aqua Meds Dealer, telling me his customers were having a real problem with high ammonia.

No matter what they tried they could not bring their ammonia down to the safe level of zero.

After talking with the Dealer, he decided to test his “tap water”. Testing showed the carbonate hardness of his “tap water” was “Zero”.

After asking his pond customers what their KH tests showed, they all had KH readings of between 0 & 18.

When the Dealer made a phone call to his City Water Department, he was told they installed a new processing plant. The new process removes all the carbonates from the tap water.

That was the answer to the pond keepers ammonia problem. The “Good Bacteria” GB in the pond filters need the carbonates to flourish.

Without the carbonates the GB were not strong enough to remove the ammonia from their pond water.

Within 24 hours after the pond keepers added carbonates “Buff-it-Up” their ammonia reading was zero.

Your fish and all your good and bad bacteria in your koi pond use up carbonates 24/7. Plus, the carbonates will enhance the color of your fish.

Always try to hold a KH reading of at least 100 in your pond.