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How do I enjoy my vacation without worrying about the health of my fish and pond?

Here are a few suggestions

Every year you plan and look forward to a well- deserved summer vacation. However, being a “pond keeper” means you have to also plan for the care of your fish and pond.

Who’s going to take care of your pond when you are away, a friend, neighbor or Uncle Roy?

Regardless of whom you choose, there are a few procedures you must follow to insure your fish and pond are in good health when you return from your vacation.

DO NOT treat your pond water to remove algae. A good carpet of  green algae is very important.  Your fish will dine on it any time they need a snack. Details here: 

A few days before you leave on your vacation do a 25% water change, then the next day do another 25% water change.

Why not just a 50% water change all at one time? The reason is, it’s less stressful on your fish because you’re not making a big change of their environment all at one time. NOTE: If you were going to be “home” to watch them, a 50% water change is no problem.

2- Feeding your fish (Very Important!!)

Unless you have a very experienced “pond keeper” taking care of your fish, proper feeding can mean the difference between returning home  to a pond full of healthy fish or a “smelly” pond full of dead fish!!

3- Important Question!

How long are you going to be away? 

Long weekend

Just have someone stop every day to make sure your filter and aeration are running. DO NOT have them feed your fish!!

One week or longer

Have someone stop every day to make sure your filter and aeration are running.

Important!! Feeding instructions

Have your pond care person feed just once every four days.

Use the “Zip Type” plastic bags. Place just enough food for one feeding ONLY, no more.

Place the date on each bag. Make sure you tell your pond care person to feed just the amount in the bag on the date it is marked, no more.

Hide all your other food, except the dated bags. 

Here’s the reason, every year I receive e-mails and phone calls from pond keepers who return from their vacation to a pond full of dead fish. Their pond care person overfed their fish.

Some of the pond keepers even had their fish food “bagged and dated”, only to be told from the pond care person

“The fish were still hungry, so I gave them two bags and when I ran out of bags I found more food and feed it to the hungry fish”.

Just by following these few suggestions can assure you a worry free vacation when it comes to your pond fish.

Have a great vacation!


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