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Now in production and shipping:

    • Medzyme DC 1 lb
    • Pond Support 2 lb and 5 lb
    • Prazi in 25 G 50 G and 100 G.
    • Medi-Koi 4 lbs and 8 lbs (Sorry Sold Out!)
    • DeChlor & More Dry Concentrate 2lb and 5 lb
    • Triple Strength Sludge Remover 1 lb, 2 lb and 4 lbs
    • Buff-It-Up 4 bs and  8 lbs
    • Summer Blend Qts and Gallons
    • Clear Shine Pts, Qts and Gallons
    • Arctic Blend Qts and Gallons

We will have the rest of the product line coming out bi- weekly throughout the summer.

For our loyal Aqua Meds® users, please contact your local retailer to tell them that we are shipping your favorite products and to call us to order now.

We help you keep your koi pond fish healthy
and your pond water clean and clear™

For more details on our Aqua Meds® koi treatments and how our natural beneficial pond bacteria products will help you achieve fast growing, healthy koi and pondfish, plus, a clean, clear koi pond you will be proud of, see Koi Treatment and Pond Treatment products at the top of this page.

If you cannot find an Aqua Meds® Dealer in your area or your Dealer does not stock the Aqua Meds® koi care product you need, please e-mail me.

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