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Unfortunately, Medi-Koi is no longer available and we do not have any stock. Due to new FDA regulations, you will need a prescription from a vet to buy medicated food. So in light of this, we decided not to produce it any longer. This is not just Medi-koi but all medicated fish food.


For our loyal Aqua Meds® users, please contact your local retailer to tell them that we are shipping your favorite products and to call us to order now.

For more details on our Aqua Meds® koi treatments and how our natural beneficial pond bacteria products will help you achieve fast growing, healthy koi and pondfish, plus, a clean, clear koi pond you will be proud of, see Koi Treatment and Pond Treatment products at the top of this page.

If you cannot find an Aqua Meds® Dealer in your area or your Dealer does not stock the Aqua Meds® koi care product you need, please e-mail me.

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