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Koi Pond Water Quality

Poor koi pond water quality causes 70%!! of all koi and pond fish health problems.

Do you know the EXACT number of gallons in your pond?

Here’s an old Japanese secret for keeping your koi healthy.

Is the tap water from your faucet killing your koi fish?

Beware of this Killer koi pond bacteria

Koi Pond Water pH

Prevent a deadly Koi pond pH crash

Koi Pond Water pH Guide


Koi Parasites

The number 1 parasite enemy of pond keepers

Koi Diseases

Bacterial Infections

Koi Ulcers Sores

Koi Fin & Tail Rot

Need help now with a sick koi or koi pond water problem?

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We offer FREE personal assistance for your sick koi, pond fish and pond water problems, please fill out our KOI HELP FORM. We will return a response by e-mail or phone within 48 hours weekdays.

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We are now shipping: 

    • Medzyme DC 1 lb
    • Pond Support 2 lb and 5 lb
    • Prazi in 25 G 50 G and 100 G.
    • Limited supply of Ulcer Aid 50 G
    • Limited Supply of Ulcer Aid 130 G
    • Limited Supply of Buff-It-Up 4 lbs

We will start shipping Medi-Koi® 4 lb and 8 lb on 5/4/16. Look for the new lower prices on Medi-Koi®! Summer Blend will be Shipping around 5/4/16 with the rest of the product line to come out weekly by the end of May.

For our loyal Aqua Meds® users, please contact your local retailer to tell them that we are shipping your favorite products and to call us to order now.

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Koi & Pond Care Help

Have Sick Koi or a Pond Water Problem & need Free Help?


You came to the right place!

If your family and friends are like mine, they laugh when you tell them your koi and goldfish have names and how they will eat out of your hand.

When your koi, pond fish become sick you worry about them as much as your family and friends worry about their sick dog.

No matter how well you care for your koi, goldfish and pond water quality, sometimes you’ll find a problem that you just can’t fix.

Finding good advice for a sick family dog is not a problem.

However, when you have a sick koi, goldfish or pond fish, it’s a real problem to find someone with pond fish experience that you can trust.

I can help you! Who is Aqua Meds®?

For FREE personal help with your sick koi pond fish, I suggest that you use my easy KOI HELP FORM submit the form to me and I’ll return help within 48 hours weekdays.

Note: If your problem is urgent and you need koi help faster, place Urgent in your details and I’ll do my best to contact you as soon as possible.

The more details you give me about your sick koi pond fish or unhealthy koi pond the better I can help you.

We help you keep your koi pond fish healthy
and your pond water clean and clear™

For more details on our Aqua Meds® koi treatments and how our natural beneficial pond bacteria products will help you achieve fast growing, healthy koi and pondfish, plus, a clean, clear koi pond you will be proud of, see Koi Treatment and Pond Treatment products at the top of this page.

If you cannot find an Aqua Meds® Dealer in your area or your Dealer does not stock the Aqua Meds® koi care product you need, please e-mail me.

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